Top Ten Beaches Near Noto


Matt Bird

Sicily has 334 spiaggia, Italian for beaches, along 922 miles of coastline. Those around around Noto on the east coast of the island are known as some of Sicily’s best with clear turquoise water, beautiful sand and an abundance of sun. There are many beaches along the coastline but these are my top ten running from North to South.

A beautiful small beach near the town of Avola. A slow slopping seabed so ideal for children. The Waikiki Bar is the perfect spot for refreshments. Very busy in season. Parking easy in car park and a short walk.

The beach is a short drive north from Calabernardo hamlet and harbour. Parking easy and a short walk.

Lido di Noto
The beach with a promenade and hotels and cafes for refreshments. Home of the ‘first class’ Noto Beach Club amongst others. Parking easy on the promenade.

Eloro Camay
The nearest beach to Noto and the perfect location if you want a dip at the beginning or the end of the day. Eloro Club Hotel can be noisy. Parking easy on the street and a moments walk.

Eloro Pizzuta
A tranquil and pretty bay and beach which off season is virtually deserted. Parking easy on the street and a short walk over the hill.

A naturalist beach, you don’t have to go naked but be prepared for others to. Parking in a field and a modest walk through the reserve.

A beautiful bay and beach nestled between two rocky headlands. Great for snorkelling. Extremely busy in peak season. Parking in a field and a modest walk through the nature reserve.

A long beach along the Vendicari Nature Reserve with great views and wild life. Tends to be a bit seaweedy. Parking in a field and a modest walk through the reserve.

San Lorenzo
A stretch of coastline known for its crystal clear water and multiple sandy beaches. Also home of the ‘business class’ Agua Beach Resort. Easy parking by the beach.

A the lovely seaside town of the same name known for its tuna. Small but beautiful sandy beach spots between the rocks. Parking easy in car park.

Most beaches have few if no amenities so go prepared. Fresh water and protection from the sun (sun cream and a parasol) are absolutely essential. Remember to take some euros as you may need to pay for parking.

Beach clubs are a great way to enjoy the sand and provide you with all the essentials. You have use of a parasol to protect you from the sun and comfy sun beds to bask in the sun, rest, sleep or read a book. There are bars for refreshments as well as showers and toilets. It is worth booking in advance, even if you phone on the morning as you head out.

Agua Beach Resort
A ‘business class’ beach club at San Lorenzo, providing you with a sun bed and parasol. Using their smartphone app, you can order refreshments to be delivered to you. It costs around €15 per person for a sun bed. Parking is extra. (30 minute drive)

Noto Beach Club
A ‘first class beach club’ providing you with a luxury sunbed and parasol. The friendly team serves you refreshments at your sunbed through the day. Owned by the five-star Il San Corrado di Noto Hotel, you can expect a high standard. It costs €70 for an amazing day of being indulged. Parking is included. (15 minute drive)

One of my favourite times to visit the beach is towards the end of the day when things are quieter and the intensity of the sun is diminishing. Prepared with a chilled bottle of wine and some nibbles it’s the perfect place to enjoy the sunset.

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